Perfect gifts for travellers

Got someone who loves travel in your life? Here are some of tips for travel-themed gifts, that won’t blow the budget.

Taking note: know someone who’s planning a big trip? Our round the world adventure took nine months to plan … starting off with ideas jotted down in dedicated travel notebooks, a bit like this one:

Destinations to inspire: So where should you choose? We both scribbled down places we’d always wanted to see and things we wanted to do, then compared notes. But if you know someone who’s looking for inspiration, this book, for just over a tenner, boasts a thousand of them.

Starting from scratch: Whether they’re a seasoned traveller, or just venturing out to see the world, this scratch-off map is a great way to show how far they’ve already travelled; and where else there is to visit.

Pack it in: OK…so we’ve mentioned these wonderful packing cubes before, but believe us, we probably couldn’t have managed to survive  33 different hotels, and hitting 16 flights on time, without them. Ideal for people who are NEVER organised…and for those who insist on it…at a great price of around £20 for a mixed-size pack of six.

Travel tips and tricks: Jane received this little book as a pre-trip gift from her daughter, Alice. It’s full of stuff every traveller needs to know: from advice on which plane seats to book, to beating the bugs while you’re away. A bargain at a fiver.

A little luxury: Travelling light can be important–but there’s always room for a few luxurious beauty treats along the way. This little Burt’s Bees pack provides help-in-transit for lips, hands, face and body, for around £20.

Keeping valuables safe and dry: The traveller in your life will thank you for this doublepack of waterproof pouches for mobile phones, credit cards, travel docs and passports – aounrd £15.

On the cards: The perfect little gift for three quid…for those about to spend time on trains, boats and planes: or waiting for them. We rediscovered the simple pleasure of a game of cards while clattering through Vietnam on the Reunification Express (Jane annihilated Nigel at German whist, for the record….)

Mine, I think:  So you wait forever for the baggage carousel to whirr into action…and then every case that passes by looks the same as yours. Unless you have a rainbow case strap like this one. Perfect for under £2.

Don’t miss a single second: we might write about having
The Time Of Our Lives…but every traveller needs to keep an eye on it…wherever they are. We love this world map wristwatch, available in 7 colours. At less than four pounds, we can’t vouch for how rugged it might be! But we love it!

We love this travelling malarkey and if you end up buying through these links, you won’t pay any more and we earn a little bit of spending money for the next trip. For more details, see our Disclosure page.

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