A Few Fun Things To Do In Glasgow

Not far from Edinburgh, not to mention a host of other incredible cities throughout the UK, Glasgow in Scotland doesn’t always get as much attention as the country’s capital. If you choose to include it in a broader tour of the UK however, you’ll discover a thriving, charming city – once a bustling port and shipbuilding centre; now a place to enjoy beautiful surroundings and lots of fun activities, such as these:

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Highly recommended for any lover of art and culture visiting Glasgow. Entry is free, and the site features 22 themed, state-of-the-art galleries with over 8,000 different objects on display. Needless to say with a collection of that size there’s just a little bit of everything: art, arms, artefacts and more. The painting “Christ of St. John of the Cross” by Salvador Dali is perhaps the main attraction, but be sure to explore the rest of the museum as well.

GlasgowBotanicGardens_1Botanic Gardens

We’ve been drawn to a number of botanic gardens on our travels round the world–the last one we marvelled at was in Sri Lanka. Maybe it’s just a great opportunity for some open space, a few splashes of colour and some peace, away from the city buzz–almost like an outdoor nature museum. Glasgow’s is no exception. Situated along the River Kelvin, the gardens display a dazzling array of flora and fauna, including some tropical plants far from their homelands. It’s a nice place to relax for an hour or two as you explore the city.

Mecca Forge

If you prefer something a bit livelier…ever tried Bingo? You might not think it’s your thing, but if you’ve ever fancied giving it a go, this could be the place, as some claim Glasgow’s Mecca Forge is the luckiest bingo hall in the UK.  It’s a place for a fun night out, perhaps with a few cocktails as you listen out for those lucky numbers, and socialise with other travellers or locals.

Bon Accord

Glasgow has a wonderful pub scene, and if you like to have a pint or two in the afternoon or evening while you’re travelling, you ought to check out some of the highest rated places. Bon Accord is regarded as a charming, authentic option – not nearly as old as some of its counterparts, but nevertheless boasts a very traditional vibe.

GlasgowCathedral_1Glasgow Cathedral

Visiting cathedrals when in old European cities might be quite a contrast to ducking into pubs and bars–but they draw travellers in their millions. Glasgow Cathedral is one of those ‘must-see’ attractions . Called “a fantastic way to travel back in time” by one visitor, this cathedral is an incredible medieval remnant of the 15th century. It’s a gorgeous, almost haunting example of Scottish Gothic architecture, and a building with strong links to St. Mungo, who founded Glasgow itself, and built his own church on the very same site in the early-7th century.

All in all it’s a fascinating city to visit, and a great springboard to some beautiful scenery close by, too. If you’re one for culture and history, it should be high on your list.

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