‘Time in New England…’

photo of path in between woods during autumn
Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com

Three years ago we were about to set off on our big adventure: a whizz around the world in just 57 days.

Soon, we’d be rolling through Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer to Vancouver, flying down to San Francisco; hurtling through Japan on bullet trains and trundling through Vietnam on the Reunification Express. We’d also take in Tonga, New Zealand, China, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.

We were super excited. But I realised, and wrote about, how we’d miss the entire English season of Autumn–a season I described as ‘rich and opulent, with gifts a-plenty on trees laden with heavy, crumble-perfect apples, plump plums and damsons; juicy berries, and trees swathed in their copper coloured cloaks: rich russets, burnished bronzes.’ Could a season look, or taste any better than that?

Well in a few weeks’ time, we’ll find out. The lure of the famously colourful ‘fall foliage’ in New England has proved irresistible. We’ll fly into Boston and drive a circular tour through Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and Maine then back to Boston, “leaf peeping” all the way. We’ll learn more about this fascinating region–home to the 17th century English pilgrims; home to new discoveries, colonists and conflict, and those famous Salem Witch Trials.

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