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Hi. We’re so glad you dropped by.

Welcome to 2emptynesters – a site primarily designed to provide inspiration to those who are free from the day-to-day responsibilities of raising a family. In short … empty nesters.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t describe you. Plenty of others (including the daughters that have flown our nests!) have told us they love following our travels.

So who are we and why are we doing this?

We’re Nigel and Jane – two emptynesters from the Cotswolds in the UK. You can read our individual stories here. With four daughters between us who have each found their own nests, we’re taking every chance we can to explore the world.

It all kicked off in 2016 with a two month whizz round the world and since then we’ve been doing trips every couple of months. And we LOVE sharing our stories and providing inspiration to others who enjoy independent travel to places away from the obvious holiday haunts.

How to find posts that interest you

There are well over 150 blog posts on the site, so it’s not always easy to know where to start. Which is why we’ve created this page. It’ll give you a jumping in point to some of our most popular posts … and some that are simply our favourites.

If you are looking for a particular type of post, here are our categories:

If you are looking for a particular destination, click on the Blog tab in the menu above. Everything is organised by continent and then country.

If you’re looking for honest reviews of accommodation and attractions, click on the Reviews tab in the menu above.

By the way …


If you see this at the beginning of a post, it was written by Nigel.


And Jane’s posts have this …

Popular Posts

We avidly keep an eye on what appeals to people and Nigel always loves a good stat! So here are links to our most popular posts:

Our favourites

These are the posts that we love. Maybe we’re just really proud of the writing or they stir up some real emotion or they have some great photos.

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Finally, there is Instagram. We use this for two purposes. When we’re not travelling, Nigel posts a couple of his favourite travel photos every week. They’ve become really popular and are worth checking out. Secondly, when we are travelling, Nigel puts up a new pic every day, which acts as a bit of a photo diary of the trip. You can follow us on Instagram here.

And finally …

We love to interact. You can do that by:

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Come along for the ride! It’ll be fun!

Nigel & Jane.

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