Venice by Vaporetto: We meet the man who floats your boat

If you’ve been to Venice, or seen pictures of it, you’ll know it’s a city of little islands in a lagoon within the Adriatic Sea. Most people get around by boat, along a network of waterways leading off from the magnificent Grand Canal. While many are privately owned, sharing their routes with freight-carrying craft, the … More Venice by Vaporetto: We meet the man who floats your boat

Corte Realdi Suites Venezia, Venice, Italy

Introduction: Time of year: March, 2017 Purpose of trip: We visited Venice as the second half of a two-city Italian spring break. Why we chose this place: We had stayed at the luxurious and historic Corte Realdi development in Verona and were given the opportunity to try out one of their self-catering apartments in Venice. How long … More Corte Realdi Suites Venezia, Venice, Italy

What is romance?

Don’t worry. This is still a travel post. It’s just that you find us in Verona. And it’s been mentioned more than once that this is a romantic city. So it got me thinking about what makes a place romantic and, more broadly, what is this romance thing anyway? I freely admit to being a contrary … More What is romance?

The Tuscany Test

  Not long into our relationship, we discovered our mutual love of travel and agreed that we should embark on our first trip together as soon as we could. Nigel has friends who own a stone cottage in the Tuscan hills and on checking that it would be available at the end of September 2015, … More The Tuscany Test