The RV Experience

“We’re going to do a trip in an RV.” “An R-what?!?” And so it went before we left for California. Somehow, I think Brits are more accustomed to the brand name – Winnebago – as the catch-all term for large motorhomes. I knew the term (it stands -not that helpfully- for Recreational Vehicle) primarily from … More The RV Experience

Stopover Albuquerque: Ultimate 24-Hour Guide

Although it isn’t the state capital, Albuquerque is the most populous city in New Mexico. We’d suggest that if you find yourself there with 24 hours in hand, you indulge yourself in some of the Mexican-inspired cuisine and seek out some well-known TV and movie locations. Getting About We usually like to get public transportation … More Stopover Albuquerque: Ultimate 24-Hour Guide