Media Pack

Our background

Before we launched this site, we had both been bloggers for several years. Nigel’s blog on his Everest Basecamp experience –– has had 15,000+ page views from visitors in over 70 countries and Jane’s blog covering travel, family and her observations of life – – has had over 50,000 page views for her 140+ posts.

Our target audience

We are very clear on our target audience:

  • People in their late 40s, 50s and early 60s who no longer have the day to day responsibility of bringing up a family and want to devote some time to themselves.
  • These people may well be recent inheritance recipients or find themselves with pension lump sums.
  • Gaining passport stamps is a key part of their new-found freedom.
  • They are spread across the English-speaking world.

And, of course, that target audience describes us too.

The site so far

Download our latest media pack.

20160206_103520 (2)Our site and our social media channels continue to grow – especially during and after our 2 month whizz round the world in the autumn of 2016.

Whilst we were travelling we were contacted by several national UK publications for input to articles. Here is an example from the Sunday Telegraph.

Nigel was asked to speak about being an empty-nester on the BBC’s Beyond 100 Days programme:

Woman & Home Online – the online home of the UK’s most read woman’s magazine – devoted an article to Jane’s decision to take a break from work to go travelling. Although the original article has now been archived, an excerpt of it is carried here.

We’ve even been interviewed for Tongan radio!

And finally, Klout has us in the top 0.1% of people on the subject of #travel and we are consistently ranked in the top half of the Top 1000 travel blogs worldwide.

Successful projects

Corte Realdi – Verona and Venice – we helped promote their hotels and suites to an English-speaking audience with three reviews – Corte Realdi, Verona, Cinque, Verona and Corte Realdi, Venice.

Danubius Hotels – we helped promote their Piestany hotel – Esplanade – in Slovakia, to an English-speaking audience after a renovation: review here.

“It was our greatest pleasure to work with Jane and Nigel as we needed to increase the number of English-speaking guests. We loved the hotel review and the supporting posts about the Piestany area. Their articles were really appreciated and we had very good feedback from them.”

Michaela Kobzova
Director of Sales & Marketing

Altstadt Hotel – we helped promote their Viennese boutique hotel to an English-speaking audience: review here.

Scotch Whiskey Experience – we helped promote their attraction worldwide with this video review. Testimonial:

“Nigel and Jane were great to work with – they delivered dedicated, engaging content about our attraction in a timely and professional manner. It was encouraging to see their media information and content proposal in advance, and analysis of the channels and platforms they work with showed that they really understood their follower demographic. Receiving as many press and blogger approaches as we do means that a refreshing approach – be that with a target market or a content format – is great to see, especially when it comes as part of a tailored content package that helps to meet our digital goals as an attraction. Their video went up really quickly following their visit, and their follow-up promotion on social was fantastic.”

Rosie Willmot
Assistant Marketing Manager (Digital)

Indochine Junk – we helped promote their Dragon Legend II cruise in Vietnam to an English-speaking audience: review here.

We are in conversation with a number of travel organisations and tourist boards about promotion to the empty-nesting community. Why not get in touch to see how we could work together?