Review: Ryoso Kawaguchi, Miyajima, Japan

Introduction Time of year: Mid-October 2016 Purpose of trip: This was a one night stopover during our round the world trip. We particularly wanted to experience a traditional ryokan whilst in Japan. Why we chose this place: Miyajima is an island with many Shinto and Buddhist temples and shrines, set amongst beautiful wooded hills. It was a place that we … More Review: Ryoso Kawaguchi, Miyajima, Japan

Travel jabs? Ouch !!

Actually, the injections were fine. It was just the price list that made me flinch. I had no idea that some of them might be £200 per course. So–how do you find out whether you need any jabs before you travel–and what could it add to the cost of your trip? For me, the first stop was … More Travel jabs? Ouch !!