Less than four weeks to go …

NAn update is probably in order.

In January, when we booked our flights to go around the world, September seemed a mighty long way off. How were we going to while away the time until the adventure was due to begin? Now we are less than four weeks away and, perhaps unsurprisingly, we are left wondering where the time went.

But it’s not as if we haven’t been busy. As well as getting on with ‘life as usual’, we have been working hard on Project RTW. Accommodation has been reserved, visas have been procured, jabs have been … well … jabbed. Arrangements have been made to see friends and family en route, kit has been purchased (including a lot of research on the right kind of bag to take), excursions have been booked. As well, of course, as establishing this blog. We’re delighted that this is our 37th post in the 7 months since 2emptynesters.com was born.

It does feel like we are on the final stretch (the cab to the airport is already booked), although it also feels like there is loads to do. If I’m honest, most of it at this stage is making sure that things continue to run smoothly while we’re away. Arrangements for homes, family and work still need a fair bit of work.

Kayaking in Halong Bay
Kayaking on Halong Bay – picture courtesy of vietnamonline

But apart from scaring ourselves silly each Monday with the standard “it’s only (last week’s number of weeks minus one) weeks to go”, we are taking time out to anticipate the locations we will encounter whilst travelling. For example, whilst watching the canoeing at the Olympics the other day, we contemplated our opportunity to canoe in the south China sea around Halong Bay. Believe me, unlike the amazing Olympians, if we manage to stay in the darn thing on glassy water, we’ll be doing well. And the BBC’s amazing series which aired recently – New Zealand: Earth’s Mythical Islands – really got us excited about our drive up the south island from Queenstown to Picton. To see penguins pottering around beaches in the wild? That’ll just be incredible.

So, I’d like to think that we’re 90% there. But I can’t help but feel that the next four weeks are going to absolutely whizz past.

Now. If only I could remember that thing that I’m bound to have forgotten …

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7 thoughts on “Less than four weeks to go …

    1. Hmmm … didn’t even know such things existed. I’m hoping we’ll be in places where emergency dental care wouldn’t be too hard to find. Otherwise it’ll just be down to that tool for getting stones out of horse’s hooves on my Swiss army knife … 😉



  1. I’ve just had a splurge of butterflies in my tum for you, Have you got water purifying tablets? xxxxx


    1. Hello Jen….we’ll get some and stash them away…thankyou for all the support, comments and suggestions over the last few months…but please STAY WITH US as the journey begins..!! x


  2. Good luck. Following your progress on the blog has been great. Fingers crossed you’ll remember what you’ve forgotten and have a tremendous adventure. Take care and have fun.



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