Amazingly we end up on popular Tongan radio

NOur ‘man about town’, Faupula Saone, was showing us his neighbourhood and knowing that Jane worked for BBC radio, was keen to show us the station that he provides news items for. So we were marched into BroadCom 89.5FM and were met by 4 smiling, welcoming faces, including the DJ who was on air as we entered the office and the managing director, Katalina.

Jane’s producer instinct had her asking how long the DJ had on the current song … about 2 minutes was the reply. Suddenly, with an urgent cry of ‘get the sign’, we were bundled behind the desk to have our photos taken. I could have sworn that Jane was getting edgy as she glanced between each snap at the ‘time remaining’.

Photos done, and with the DJ straight straight back into answering a caller, we were motioned to sit down in the office. A recording device appeared and suddenly Jane was being interviewed by Katalina about why we chose to come to Tonga and our round the world trip. It appears that we caused a bit of a stir!

With the team at BroadCom FM, including Katalina (2nd from left) and newshound Faupula (left)

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