The big trip of 2017 – Sri Lanka

It’s nearly upon us!

This year, we’ve visited Slovakia, Austria and Italy – as well as trips to Edinburgh and Wales here in the UK. And on top of that, we’ve been out and about in our new home territory – the beautiful Cotswolds.

But the big trip for 2017 is to Sri Lanka.

Back in the spring we investigated a few places that were outside Europe and high on our wishlist for our big trip of the autumn. A strong contender was an Argentina/Brazil combo. Neither of us has been to South America and it has a strong appeal. But in the end, we opted for Sri Lanka. The main reason was the diversity of experience there – all contained in a relatively small country.

Traditional fishing in Sri Lanka (Image via Flickr by dronepicr)

Just look what we have planned:

  • Colonial Colombo and Galle
  • Train rides through the mountains
  • Visiting the tea plantations
  • Beach living on the Indian Ocean
  • A safari
  • Ancient Buddhist temples
  • Mountain treks

Not bad in 15 days!

With the house move we’ve had this summer, time has flown by. We’re now only three weeks away from starting this amazing adventure.

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(Featured photo of tuk-tuk: Image via Flickr by tbz.foto)

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