Care for pets and get free accommodation: pet-sitting opportunities

Here at thetimeofourlives HQ, we’re always on the lookout for vacation ideas that are a little out of the ordinary. And we’ve recently become intrigued by the opportunity for empty nesters of pet-sitting.

So how does it work?

There are lots of people out there who want (or need) to travel, but would prefer that their pets are looked after in their home. Agencies like Trusted Housesitters verify pet-owners and potential sitters and pair the two together.

What’s in it for the pet-owners?

  • Vets agree most pets adapt more easily to a new carer than a new environment So pets are happier at home.
  • Cattery and kennel bills can be high. Working with a pet-sitter is likely to be more cost-effective.

What’s in it for the pet-sitter?

  • From Sydney to Tuscany, pet lovers enjoy home comforts world-wide in exchange for caring for a home and its pets.
  • More than just living like a local, the owner’s community becomes your community. It’s a really immersive experience.
  • Think of all those pet cuddles!
Pet-sitting catSo if you:
  • love dogs, cats … any sort of pet
  • fancy immersing yourself in a community pretty much worldwide
  • want free accommodation

… house-sitting could well be for you!

And, of course ….

Getting a pet-sitter to look after your pets may just open up the world to you in a way you hadn’t considered.

In the interest of transparency, if you sign up toTrusted Housesitters, we make a couple of quid, which goes towards maintaining this site. Signing up through this link will not cost you more.

Image of spaniel via Flickr by Maiza Hyodo

Image of cat via Flickr by Andrew Kuznetsov

Let us know your thoughts!

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