Photo essay: Bodie ghost town

A few miles south of Bridgeport on the ‘395’ in northern California, we took a minor road up into the hills. After quite an ascent, the road petered out into a rough, rutted track. Three miles of bumping up and down and hearing various kitchen items fly across the RV, we spotted our destination – the ghost town of Bodie.

Preserved in a state of ‘arrested decay’, this gold and silver mining town, which once was home to 7,000 inhabitants, sits on a high plateau. Buildings and their contents remain as they were left, when the last of the population departed back in the fifties.

It’s an eerie, yet evocative place. I felt that photography in sepia was really the only just treatment for Bodie – and its ghosts.










2 thoughts on “Photo essay: Bodie ghost town

  1. Wow – that looks great.

    Good that there isn’t anyone else in the photos – adds to the atmosphere.

    Just the sort of place I like to seek out – mostly in Japan though!


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