Why we’re all to blame for British trains

Article by Nigel on the difference between the Japanese and the British rail systems, from his business site.

The Commercial Traveller

I’ve recently returned from Japan where I travelled over 800 miles by rail and I was struck by the comparison of two first world rail systems – the Japanese and the British.

p1010466In Britain, we all know the shinkansen (which we dub the bullet train) for its speed. It links Japan’s cities at over 200mph. Indeed, the upcoming model will be travelling at closer to 250. And in that regard, its reputation doesn’t disappoint as you realise that your eyes can’t focus fast enough on any objects within a 200m of the track. Even distant scenery seems to be there one moment and replaced the next. But that’s not the most striking thing about this train network. That honour is reserved for the way the service is run.

My partner and I arrived at Tokyo station with reservations for a train to take us to Hiroshima – some 550 miles…

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