Midge and Mozart: musical notes for our wintry mini-break.

Strauss in gold

OK….what links Mozart, Schubert, Strauss…and Midge Ure?

Answer: our next destination.

Midge, as part of Ultravox, memorably sang about this beautiful city. The other three, along with Beethoven, lived there. Its rich, classical music heritage is, we’ve heard, just a part of what’s earned Vienna the unofficial title of Europe’s cultural capital.

Add to that the city’s location by the Danube, its narrow romantic streets, the suggestion of snow and the mere mention of  Faschingskrapfen (rough translation:doughnuts to die for), and Vienna’s become the starting point for our mini winter break. And yes, finding flights there for a great price, helped us seal the deal.

And while we’re more than happy to layer up with thermals, woolly hats and snowboots; we reckoned we might need something more than hot chocolate to thaw us out, after exploring Austria’s capital city. So we’re going to be crossing into Slovakia’s famous spa town of Piestany, nestling at the foot of the Povazsky Inovec mountains. Still wintry, of course…. but we’re wondering if its natural geothermal waters and a hot mud bath or two might warm us up a bit.

The magic of Slovakia..but where first?

Which is where you come in. Not actually into our mud bath, if that’s OK…but to offer us a bit of advice. Vienna, for example. What to eat (apart from Viennese whirls, Wiener Schnitzel and Faschingskrapfen…)..and where to eat it? We’re no experts on classical music, but should we treat ourselves to a concert, some opera, maybe? Is it true they offer classes in the Viennese Waltz? And what about great things to do in Vienna…for free? Then once we’re in Slovakia…is it possible to have a great time near snowy mountains…without skis? Ever tried some of those geothermal or hot mud treatments yourself?

We’re heading off at the end of January for our first trip of several in 2017, so your thoughts and recommendations are most welcome.

The magnificent Belvedere Palace complex, Vienna.








7 thoughts on “Midge and Mozart: musical notes for our wintry mini-break.

  1. Really glad you’re keeping the blog going. Particularly as I was wondering about going to Vienna!


    1. Hello Ian…thankyou…we always intended to keep the website going..as there is so much world to see! Will be reporting back on Vienna and Slovakia…and possibly somewhere ending in -stan , too!! Thankyou again for following us 🙂 -Jane


  2. Not a great fan of capitals, but when in Vienna the place to be seen in……. Grange Weinbar Schönlaterngasse 13, 1010. Had a great night in there. An oasis in the stark square grey buildings and horse poo


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