Review: Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh, UK

We visited The Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Elements of the attraction have recently been revamped and we were really impressed. Fun, informative and friendly. Have a look at our video review:

Further Information

We experienced the Gold Tour, which included membership of the Scotch Whisky Appreciation Society and a tasting of four regional single malts in addition to the one we had in the Collection. It’s one of the most popular tours, as it can be done in conjunction with the Silver Tour (for those who are perhaps not so keen on whisky, or feel it’s a bit early in the day!), and the tasting at the end can be done at visitors’ own pace.

It’s worth noting that for non-drinkers, they do provide an Irn Bru (Scotland’s other national drink!) so that nobody is left out during the tasting.

Another popular option includes the Morning Masterclass, whereby the ‘how to’ process is skipped in favour of some extended time in the Whisky Collection, followed by a tutored tasting of four different whiskies in the McIntyre Bar. It’s designed for those who already have an appreciation of Scotch whisky and how it’s made, as it is a good deconstruction of the art of blending, the different flavours produced in the cask, and how this affects the final profile of the whisky. Apparently, the senses are at their keenest first thing in the morning, so the 10am start is perfect for getting the most out of a guided nosing and tasting, and the setting is quite intimate – around 10 people maximum, so plenty of opportunity to ask questions and go a bit deeper than any of the other tours.

Another option is the end-of-day Platinum tour, which again sees some extended time in the Collection, followed by a tutored tasting of four regional single malts after a quick barrel ride to see how Scotch whisky is made. Billed as a lovely VIP experience.

The Taste of Scotland experience is the Platinum tour, followed by a tasting menu in the Amber Restaurant, a three-course Scottish food experience, with the final course matched with a dram of whisky. The Amber Restaurant is a beautiful setting, and the whisky bar stocks over 430 different whiskies, with bar staff on hand to help recommend something based on what you already like/don’t like. Taste of Scotland books up very quickly but is hugely popular and a lovely one for people who want the full package.

Amber is open for walk-ins and general dining throughout the week too, as well as bigger group bookings. The menus change from season to season.


In the interest of disclosure, we received a Gold Tour on the promise of writing a review. If we had had criticisms about any aspect of the attraction, we would have mentioned them in the review. For more on our disclosure policy, read here

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